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2001 Buick Blackhawk Retro Styled Concept Car

The most noticeable aspect of Buick Blackhawk, a retro-styled 2+2 convertible concept car that was unveiled in 2001, is the grille, which was modeled after the 1940 Buick Y-Job. For the niche audiences who attend custom/hot rod shows, the Buick Blackhawk is not just any customized car; it is created to highlight Buick’s heritage of distinctive design and exceptional power.

The Buick Blackhawk was created to continue the history of the iconic Buick design and, of course, specifically for the target audience of the custom / hot rod show attendees to demonstrate the strength of the brand. It is not just any “styled” automobile.

But what distinguishes the Blackhawk as a unique concept car? Let’s examine the design, attributes, and innovations that make this Buick unique in more detail.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept Car

Design and Designer of Buick Blackhawk


The Blackhawk’s long hood, short deck, and low-slung appearance are reminiscent of early American muscle cars. Because the body is entirely comprised of carbon fiber, it is lighter and performs better.

The car’s prominent grille and headlamps give the front end a frightening, aggressive appearance. The car’s back is equally striking, featuring a tapering deck and taillights that encircle its corners.


“This is the ultimate Buick custom automobile,”

Pasteiner’s enthusiasm for the Blackhawk matches Doble’s.

The ultimate Buick custom automobile, according to Pasteiner. “Since it is one of the most important in Buick history, we chose the grille from 1939. Those vertical bars are clues at the grilles that Buick cars would later come to be known for in the 1940s and 1950s. The Blackhawk’s grille establishes its personality. Yet, we also favored the “torpedo” bodies found on the most expensive Buicks produced in the 1940s.”

Doble said: “We aimed to combine the best elements of Buick’s past with a modern aesthetic. For instance, the split windshield of the Blackhawk is appropriate for the time period, but the windshield glass is curved, which is a more contemporary characteristic. The side glass is curved as well.”

Interior Design of Buick Blackhawk

The Blackhawk’s seats were composed of premium leather and included power adjustments for greater comfort. The temperature could be controlled in any weather thanks to the heated and cooled front seats.

With a computerized instrument cluster and a sizable touchscreen display in the center console, the Blackhawk’s dashboard was sleek and contemporary. The touchscreen display was used to operate a number of the vehicle’s amenities, including the sound and climate control systems.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept Car Interior

The Blackhawk has a high-end music system with speakers placed thoughtfully throughout the inside in addition to the touchscreen display. This made it possible to enjoy surround sound that was unmatched in other cars at the time.

A built-in cooler was another special feature of the Blackhawk center console that was uncommon at the time in other automobiles. In order to keep their beverages cool during long rides, passengers may do this.

Exterior :

The Blackhawk’s cabin was made to be roomy and pleasant, with enough headroom and legroom for every passenger. The automobile seemed open and spacious because of the huge windows and panoramic sunroof that let in a lot of natural light. exterior style

Dark cherry is utilized to fashion a “sweepspear” down the body’s sides as an accent that harmonizes with the outside style. The ‘Shape of the Road’ is what the ‘Shape of the Road’ became. It generally consists of a horizontal line that sweeps in a downward curve over the doors and then kicks up over the rear wheel apertures at the base of the leading edge of the rear fender. The 1999 Cielo and 2000 LaCrosse ideas, both Doble projects, both featured the same style.


There are many high-tech elements within the Blackhawk that, when they were introduced in 2001, were cutting edge. The driver can customize every aspect of the vehicle, including the sound system and climate control, using the touchscreen control system.

Rich leather covers the seats, which also include power adjustability and heating/cooling capabilities. Even the center console has a built-in refrigerator that can keep beverages cold on extended trips.

Hand-made components

The frame, the distinctive carbon-fiber top, and the retractable system that lowers the top into the trunk are just a few of the significant hand-made components of the Blackhawk (leaving a small luggage area).

A completely independent suspension, remote keyless entry (to access the doors as they lack exterior handles), and twin exhaust with three-inch pipes are further features. The Blackhawk is fitted with high speed, Z-rated tires with P295/35R18 on the front and P295/45R18 on the rear. These high speed, Z-rated tires are mounted on 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, which are similar to those on higher level Rivieras, Wildcats, and Skylarks from 1965.


A 1970 455-in3 (7.5-L) Buick GS Stage III V8 engine that produces 463 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque and is connected to a four-speed automatic transmission provides the vehicle’s power, allowing it to reach 60 mph in less than five seconds.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept Car Engine

The Blackhawk is a coupe-convertible with a retractable top that was entirely custom made as a celebration of its heritage. It’s just the kind of wild vehicle that Buick could use right now.


The Blackhawk’s changeable top is one of its most inventive features. The Blackhawk’s convertible top retracts into a compartment behind the back seat as opposed to conventional convertible tops, which fold down and occupy trunk space.

When the top is down, this results in a cleaner, more streamlined appearance and additional trunk capacity. The top is constructed of a lightweight composite material that aids in weight reduction and handling improvement.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept Car Convertible

Nevertheless, there are even contemporary features like Keyless Entry, Power Steering, Servo Braking, Cruise Control, Electric Windows, or a Center Console with Integrated Convertible Top Controls. The Good: Bye Bye, Bye, Bye, bye. Former Buick designer Steven Pasteiner of Advanced Automotive Technologies designed the Buick. Moreover, Mecum will shortly hold an auction for this unique item.

Curiously, the Blackhawk avoided the show circuit and exclusively attended Buick events. It eventually made its way into the big screen as Will Smith’s vehicle in “Bad Boys II,” where it made a big impression on viewers who admired its unique, concept-car style. It first found a home in the GM Heritage Center after finishing its film work and event schedule, but it was later sold at auction in 2009 for $475,000 ($522,500 with commission).

The Blackhawk is a fully functional, one-of-a-kind celebratory concept vehicle with Deep Metallic Purple paint, an Almond inside with wood accents and leather upholstery, 5-spoke wheels, and a retractable carbon fiber top. Buick said it could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under five seconds, but with a car this stylish, it’s probably not required to prove it.

1938 Buick Y-Job, the World’s First Concept Car

It’s simple to write off the 1938 Buick Y-Job, which Harley Earl created, as just another cool vintage vehicle today. But when you place it in the context of 1938, you’ll see that it’s one of the most innovative, significant automobiles ever.

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