27, Mar 2023
Travel Back in Time: The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park in Bisbee, Arizona

Hello and welcome to our in-depth guide to The Shady Dell! We are here to give you all the details you require about this well-known vacation spot in Bisbee, Arizona.

Introduction to Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park

The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park is a distinctive and endearing vacation spot that gives visitors a look into the past. With its genuine antique trailers from the 1940s and 1950s, this retro trailer park, which is located in Bisbee, Arizona, transports you back in time.


Ten historic trailers, each with a different theme and aesthetic, are available for guests to choose from at The Shady Dell. All the contemporary comforts you require for a comfortable stay are included in these completely refurbished trailers, including air conditioning, heating, and private bathrooms.

The Shady Dell’s trailers are more than just places to stay; they are a journey through history. Every trailer, from the 1951 Royal Mansion to the 1940s Spartan Manor, has a unique tale to tell. Even a 1947 Tiki Bus with a thatched roof and bamboo trimmings is available for accommodations.


To make your stay at The Shady Dell as comfortable and pleasurable as possible, we provide a number of facilities. The property has a classic diner, a community fire pit, and an outdoor heated pool.

The Dot’s Diner serves customers traditional American meals in a lively and nostalgic atmosphere. With its jukebox, retro signs, and red vinyl booths, this establishment will take you back to the 1950s the moment you step inside.


The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park is situated in the picturesque town of Bisbee, Arizona, which is well-known for its mining heritage and creative population. Bisbee, which is tucked away in the Mule Mountains, provides stunning panoramas of the surroundings.

You can take advantage of The Shady Dell’s location to discover all that Bisbee has to offer. To learn about the town’s mining past, take a stroll through the historic downtown, stop by the neighbourhood art galleries and stores, or go on a mine tour.


In conclusion, The Shady Dell is a singular holiday spot that provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. The Shady Dell is the ideal destination to get away from the bustle of daily life with its vintage trailers, traditional diner, and charming setting.

We trust that you have learned everything there is to know about The Shady Dell from this comprehensive guide. The Shady Dell is the ideal location whether you’re seeking for a single retreat, a family holiday, or a romantic break.

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Questions and Answers Regarding The Shady Dell

How can I book a room at The Shady Dell?

A reservation can be made on their website or by phoning (520) 432-3567, the number for their reservations department.

Does The Shady Dell allow pets?

A: The Shady Dell welcomes pets. But, there are some limitations and possible additional costs.

Is there a required minimum length of stay at The Shady Dell?

A: The Shady Dell does have a two-night minimum stay requirement.

The Shady Dell allows visitors to bring their own trailers.

The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park does not allow visitors to bring their own trailers. For your stay, you can hire one of their genuine vintage trailers.

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