12, May 2023
A Majestic Restoration at Oheka Castle

The Oheka Castle repair project was a massive undertaking that brought back the elegance of one of America’s most opulent estates. Learn the history of the Oheka Castle’s magnificent renovation.


In Huntington, New York, there is a magnificent specimen of French chateau-style building called the Oheka Castle. Built in 1919 by Otto Hermann Kahn, a financier and philanthropist, the castle has a colorful history. At one time, the castle was a lavish residence that frequently welcomed dignitaries like monarchs, politicians, and celebrities. But as time went on, the castle deteriorated and required immediate repair. The Oheka Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, and Gary Melius purchased it in 2004. He then started an extensive repair project. This article describes the process of renovating Oheka Castle and the efforts made to return it to its former splendor.

A Grand Vision for Oheka Castle Renovation

It took a lot of money and planning to complete the ambitious reconstruction of Oheka Castle. The exterior and interior of the castle were both restored in an effort to bring it back to its former beauty. The project involved bringing the numerous amenities of the castle, including the grand ballroom, library, and gardens, back to their former splendor.

Exterior Restoration

The outside of the castle was repaired during the first stage of the reconstruction. This included restoring the slate roof, replacing the gutters and downspouts, and repairing and replacing any damaged brickwork. The numerous chimneys of the castle needed to be repaired and restored as part of the project.

Interior Restoration

The interior of the castle was the primary focus of the second phase of renovation. Along with the guest rooms and hallways, this also involved the restoration of the grand ballroom, library, and dining room. The magnificent stained glass windows of the castle were also painstakingly restored, bringing back their vivid colors and intricate patterns. While maintaining the castle’s historic elegance, the renovation also entailed the installation of contemporary conveniences like air conditioning and heating systems.

Bringing back the Gardens

The restoration of the castle’s lovely gardens was the last stage of the rehabilitation effort. A prominent aspect of the estate were the gardens, which were created by renowned landscape architects Olmsted Brothers. The garden’s elaborate walkways were also restored, along with the fountains, statues, and replacement of any damaged plants and shrubs.

The Renovation of Oheka Castle’s Challenges

The restoration of Oheka Castle wasn’t without its difficulties. To preserve the historical elements of the castle, the restoration was a difficult process that called for skilled artisans and craftsmen. Finding materials that were true to the castle’s original design was one of the biggest challenges. The restoration team had to carefully locate materials that matched the castle’s original architecture, like the slate tiles for the roof.

The renovation project’s enormous scale presented another difficulty. The Oheka Castle is a sizable estate, and it took a lot of time and money to restore all of the castle’s various features. To ensure that the castle’s distinctive features were preserved while also bringing it up to contemporary standards, the restoration team had to work carefully.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What served as the design influence for Oheka Castle?

The Oheka Castle was created by Delano & Aldrich, a notable New York architecture firm. The castle’s design was inspired by the French chateau-style architecture, with its steeply pitched roofs, lofty chimneys, and intricate ornamentation.

What was the Oheka Castle renovation project’s biggest obstacle?

One of the biggest challenges of the Oheka Castle renovation project was sourcing materials that were true to the castle’s original design. The slate tiles for the roof, for example, were meticulously sourced by the restoration crew to ensure they matched the original architecture of the castle.

What does the Oheka Castle represent?

An important site in American history is the Oheka Castle. The castle has a long history and has welcomed a number of well-known visitors, including kings, celebrities, and even politicians

How long did the renovation of Oheka Castle take?

The remodeling of Castle took several years to complete. The project was completed in phases, with the restoration of the castle’s exterior being the first phase, followed by the restoration of the interior and the gardens.

Q5. Can people explore the Oheka Castle?

Yes, tours of Oheka Castle are available. Currently a five-star hotel and event space, the castle gives guided tours of its interior and grounds.

What is the Oheka Castle currently used for?

The Castle is now a high-end hotel and event space. The castle hosts weddings, business gatherings, and other unique events all year long.


The Oheka Castle renovation project was a grand endeavor that has restored the splendor of one of America’s most magnificent estates. To retain the historical elements of the castle, the restoration was a difficult procedure that called for expert artisans and craftsmen. The castle is a reflection of the grandeur and beauty of a bygone period and survives now as a memorial to American history.

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