13, Nov 2023
Safari Niagara: An Exciting Animal Adventure in Ontario

Safari Niagara, located in Stevensville, Ontario, is a family-friendly zoological park that offers visitors a unique and up-close experience with a variety of animals from around the world. If you’re looking for an unforgettable animal adventure in Ontario, Safari Niagara has much to offer.


Zoo and Safari Park Experience


Safari Niagara combines the best of both worlds – a traditional zoo and a safari park. You can explore the park in your own vehicle or on foot, allowing you to choose your preferred way of experiencing the animals. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Drive-Thru Safari: One of the highlights of Safari Niagara is the drive-thru safari experience. You can meander through the park in your own vehicle, encountering a diverse array of animals, including giraffes, lions, zebras, and more, all from the comfort of your car.


  • Walking Paths: For those who prefer to stretch their legs, there are well-maintained walking paths that lead to various animal habitats. These paths offer an opportunity to see animals like lemurs, kangaroos, and capuchin monkeys up close.


  • Animal Encounters: Safari Niagara provides opportunities for animal encounters and educational experiences. You can learn about the animals from knowledgeable staff and even feed some of them.


Conservation and Education


Safari Niagara is not just a place for entertainment; it’s also committed to animal conservation and education. The park collaborates with various organizations to support endangered species and raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation. Visitors can participate in educational programs and get a deeper understanding of the animals’ natural behaviors and habitats.


Children’s Play Areas and More


Safari Niagara is family-oriented and offers various amenities for children and adults alike, including:


  • Playgrounds: The park features playgrounds where children can have fun and expend some energy.


  • Splash Pad: Perfect for hot summer days, the splash pad provides a refreshing break from exploring the animal habitats.


  • Picnic Areas: You can bring your own picnic or enjoy a meal from one of the on-site food vendors.


  • Events and Special Programs: Safari Niagara hosts events and programs throughout the year, such as zoo camp for kids and seasonal activities.


Visitor Tips


  • Plan ahead by checking the park’s website for opening hours, admission prices, and any special events or programs.


  • Bring a camera to capture the memorable moments with the animals.


  • Consider purchasing a season pass if you plan to visit multiple times.


  • Follow the park’s rules and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of both visitors and animals.


Safari Niagara is a place where you can connect with the animal kingdom and enjoy a fun and educational experience with your family. It’s a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, and anyone looking for an exciting day out in the heart of Ontario.


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