8, May 2023
Pamela Anderson Sold Her 1960 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible for $115K.

The news that Pamela Anderson’s 1960 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible had been sold for $115,000 has been generating a stir in the world of classic automobile lovers.

29, Mar 2023
93 year old Rachel Veitch drove 567,000 miles in her 1964 Mercury Comet.

Florida resident Rachel Veitch, 93, pulled off an amazing feat by covering more than 567,000 miles in her 1964 Mercury Comet.

29, Mar 2023
Annie Wilkins’s most Memorable Horseback Ride

Young and enthusiastic horse rider Annie Wilkins has always been enthralled with horses. When she was ten years old, she began riding horses, and she hasn’t stopped since.

29, Mar 2023
Historic Competition Great Race of 1908 for Automobiles

The Great Race of 1908 was a thrilling race that helped establish the sport of contemporary auto racing. Learn about the background, the winners, and the difficulties that contributed to the event’s legendary status in the automotive sector.

28, Mar 2023
The First Cross Country Road Trip: A Journey Across America with Vermont Touring Car

Here is the amazing tale of the first American cross country road trip. Watch the early explorers’ exploits as they set off on a voyage that will forever alter how humans travel.

27, Mar 2023
A Classic Vintage Airstream Trailers

The vintage Airstreams are a timeless classic and have been around for decades when it comes to travel trailers. These trailers offer you all the amenities you need to enjoy your travels in addition to being fashionable and elegant.

24, Mar 2023
2001 Buick Blackhawk Retro Styled Concept Car

The most noticeable aspect of Buick Blackhawk, a retro-styled 2+2 convertible concept car that was unveiled in 2001, is the grille, which was modeled after the 1940 Buick Y-Job. For the niche audiences who attend custom/hot rod shows, the Buick Blackhawk is not just any customized car; it is created to highlight Buick’s heritage of distinctive design and exceptional power.